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Many of you looking for toilet paper may think that items such as napkins, paper towels, or even flushable wipes are ok to flush down the toilet – they are not. These items are the leading cause of sewer backups because, while they may go down the toilet, they do not dissolve like toilet paper does. Because they do not dissolve, they often create blockages in sewer lines, resulting in costly sewer backups.

If you are unable to purchase toilet paper, please do not flush “alternatives” down the toilet.

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Mission Statement

It is the mission and purpose of the South Valley Sewer District to provide public sanitary sewer service, including collection and treatment of sewage, to all properties located within the boundaries of the District in an orderly manner as rapidly as District finances will permit. The Board of Trustees retains the right, in its sole discretion, to determine the financial feasibility, location of, and time of installation of all extensions of the District’s sewer system.

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Notice! Your toilet is not a trash can.

The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet, other than human bodily waste, is toilet paper. Other items, such as feminine hygiene products, wrappers, baby wipes and Swiffers can cause backups in sewer mains and laterals and damage sewer pumps.

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Is domestic septage from licensed commercial haulers accepted at the plant?

No. South Valley Sewer District is not a receiving facility for domestic sewage from licensed haulers. The South Valley Water Reclamation Facility however does.

They can be contacted at 801-566-7711 or you can visit their website by clicking here.

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