Zoom Meeting Disclaimer

In addition to in-person attendance, individuals may join via phone or video, using Zoom. Attendees
who wish to present photos or documents to the District must attend in person. In the event the electronic
portion of the meeting is disrupted in any way that the District in its sole discretion deems inappropriate,
the District reserves the right to immediately remove the individual(s) from the meeting and, if needed,
end virtual access to the meeting. Ability to participate virtually is dependent on an individual’s internet
connection. To ensure comments are received regardless of technical issues, please have them submitted
in writing to Shaun Mitchell, shaunm@svsewer.com , 24 hours prior to the meeting. Zoom link, Meeting ID and
Meeting Password will be provided at least 24 hours prior to meeting start time. – Zoom instructions are
posted at https://svsewer.com/notifications/ .