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Onsite Treatment Facility Tour

South Valley Sewer District (SVSD)/Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility (JBWRF) tour policy is in place to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and the facility, as well as the continuous supply of reliable, safe service to our community. Due to safety concerns, exceptions to this policy will not be made. SVSD/JBWRF reserves the right to cancel and/or deny any request or to discontinue a tour in progress. Tour dates are subject to change and cancellation per facility staff’s discretion.

Expectations for Tour Attendees

Please be mindful that tours are conducted by JBWRF personnel who are taking time out of their regular work schedule to meet with your group. We welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and in return expect the tour attendees to conduct themselves appropriately. SVSD/JBWRF reserves the right to stop a tour in progress if safety or other issues arise. Materials about the facility and the treatment process will be provided prior to the tour. We suggest these materials be used during the tour and/or as note-taking sheets during the tour.

Onsite Tour Reservation Form

Onsite Tour Request Form
To request an onsite tour of the Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility you may call or fill-out this online request form.